September 7, 2021
'Handle with care' cardboard sign
Image © WWF-US/Keith Arnold

 Aligned with COP26 this November, curatorial practice Artwise and leading conservation organisation WWF are joining forces with the project Art For Your World. We believe that the art industry can use its influencing power to help combat the climate crisis, so we can take a step forward in making our world more sustainable. 


From September to November this year, we’re encouraging artists, collectors, galleries, institutions and art lovers to support WWF in their mission to tackle climate change through a series of initiatives. These include a charitable auction at Sotheby’s, the sale of exclusive new prints by three leading contemporary artists and a range of digital activations and partnerships. Funds raised through the campaign will strengthen critical areas of WWF’s work that contribute to battling the climate crisis, such as:


  1. Halting deforestation

  2. Restoring trees and forests

  3. Replanting seagrass meadows

  4. Protecting endangered species

  5. Promoting sustainable lifestyles


Founded 60 years ago to drive funding and support for conservation, WWF remains at the forefront of the fight against the climate and nature crisis today. While conservation efforts over this time have led to victories for nature, the mission has grown exponentially. Every year the challenges become tougher and there is still much work to be done. 


From poverty to wildlife extinction, so many of the world’s biggest challenges are made more difficult by climate change. Things will only get worse if we do nothing but we can still do something about it. 


If the art world comes together, we can all play a vital part in tackling climate change, which is of utmost importance in the build-up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties this November. The summit will bring parties together to speed up action towards the target of the Paris agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

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