“… Together, we can do more. We can work both inwardly as an art community, sharing information, creating standards and holding each other to account; and, just as crucially, direct our energies outwardly, lobbying for wider change.

Thomas Dane, Gallerist and founding member of The Gallery Climate Coalition

Art For Your World is a call to galleries around the world to come together and support five key WWF projects that are tackling climate change head on.  


By becoming a supporting gallery, we will add your name to the list and ask you to do the following:


  1. Email us at info@artforyourworld.com to confirm that you will support and we will add your name to the website
  2. Offer a work for sale that aligns with the cause, post it on Instagram (and if possible through your mailing list), using the given hashtags and text below
  3. Donate a small portion from the sale back to AFYW.  The donation is confidential, entirely at your discretion and can be made directly here using the DONATE button. 


Should you have environmentally-focussed exhibitions, events or activities programmed please add #ArtForYourWorld to your communications to help amplify and unify our voices around the climate crisis.


Art For Your World Instagram Tile


Guidelines for posting in support of Art For Your World on Instagram:


1. Post your image/s on your Instagram account 

2. Add the Art For Your World tile to your post by either

            a) right clicking one of the two images above and download to your photos

            b) using a screen shot of the tile above

4. Sell the work through your own channels 

5. Add #artforyourworld to your post and tag @artforyourworld

6. When the work has sold, please donate a small portion back to the Art For Your World campaign on the website here [link]. (Please note that the donation amount is not public and at your discretion)


Suggested copy to post with the Art For Your World tile:


#artforyourworld is a campaign to engage the art world to take action against the climate crisis and support five key @wwf_uk projects fighting climate change head on. 


This work is being offered for sale in support of @artforyourworld and the gallery will be making a donation to the campaign from the sale. As the buyer of this work you will not only be supporting the artist and the gallery but also the future of our planet.


Climate change matters and we must stand together and take action now to build a future with nature at its heart.   


This project is an @artwisecurators initiative.