Art For Your Oceans: Art For Your World Feature Project, 2024

"The prospect of learning more about Seaweed - it’s properties and potential uses, really intrigued me. My research has previously been bound to earthly terrain - to extend it to ocean health and conservation was literally opening another realm. It’s interesting to consider the ways artistic practices can adapt to the urgencies and emergencies of their times, as well as raising awareness of the efforts that are being made to forge a viable future." - Emma Talbot, AFYO Ambassador Artist

The feature project of Art For Your World in 2024, Art For Your Oceans is focussed on ocean health and aims to raise funds and awareness for pioneering ocean conservation initiatives in the UK and further afield.


Our oceans are vital for the future of our planet, providing us with at least 50% of Earth's oxygen, absorbing around 30% of carbon dioxide and serving as a livlihood for an estimated 40 million people by 2030. 


This project will, in particular, shine a light on the potential of seaweed as an invaluable tool in the fight against climate change and as a new artistic medium in the hands of critically acclaimed artists who will be supporting the project. 


Artwise Director and curator of AFYO Laura Culpan said, “On a recent trip to Scotland with Harland Miller and Emma Talbot, we were able to see what is happening with the seaweed industry there, from harvesting to production of a spectrum of environmentally friendly products. This even included a seaweed-based ink which will be the starting point for new artworks created especially for this project. We are excited to see how artists and collectors will respond to Art For Your Oceans.”


This research trip was covered in full by Guardian Seascape - read the full article here.


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